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The Best of the Red Rock Area contest is back!

Did you recently visit Lake Red Rock, Knoxville, Pella, Pleasantville, Melcher-Dallas or rural Marion County? If so, please provide your insights on the highlights of your visit by voting. If you are a resident, please help newcomers find those great gems within the area. If you have suggestions not listed under a category, please submit them for consideration.

The contest will run until November 1 and only entities within Marion County, Iowa are eligible. Top vote recipients in each category will be announced in January. We ask that each person vote only once per year and ballots must have answers in at least 75% of the questions to be counted. Happy voting!

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1. Best Salad
2. Best Appetizer
3. Best Pizza
4. Best Cup of Coffee
5. Best Ethnic Food
6. Best Steak
7. Best Burger
8. Best Breakfast
9. Best Sweet Treat
10. Best Tenderloin
11. Best Buffet
12. Best Caterer
13. Best Family Restaurant
14. Best Outdoor Eating Location
15. Best Happy Hour
16. Best Bar or Pub


1. Best Place to Hold a Wedding Reception
2. Best Place to Hold a Business Conference
3. Best Hotel
4. Best B & B, Guest House or Cabin
5. Best Place to Entertain Kids
6. Best Place to go on a Date
7. Best Campground
8. Best Photo Opportunity Location


1. Best Antique Shop
2. Best Consignment or Thrift Store
3. Best Gift Shop
4. Best Place to Purchase Locally Made Items
5. Best Retail Curb Appeal
6. Best Shop for Clothing, Jewelry &/or Personal Accessories
7. Best Shop for Fresh Meats
8. Best Spa Services for Massage, Pedicure or Manicure
9. Best Place to Shop After 5 p.m.

Entertainment & Recreation

1. Best Live Entertainment
2. Best Golf Course
3. Best Place to Workout
4. Best Park or Gathering Place
5. Best Historical or Cultural Experience
6. Best Local Performing Group
7. Best Place for a Run
8. Best Historic or Rural Road for an Auto or Bike Ride


1. Best Local Source for News
2. Best Place to Work with more than 50 employees
3. Best Hospitality
4. Best Bank
5. Best Place to Work with less than 50 employees
6. Best Service Business
7. Best New Community Project (Within the last 2 years)
8. Best Business or Corporate Supporter of Community Projects
9. Best Real Estate Agency


What are the top events, festivals or celebrations that happen throughout the year in the Red Rock Area?


What are the top unique places to go for food? This could be a restaurant, bakery, meat market, winery/brewery, ice cream shop, coffee shop, etc.


Where are the best unique retail shops in the Red Rock Area?


Where are the top unique places to go for recreation, history, entertainment, culture or fun in the Red Rock Area?

Suggest Your Own

Enter your suggestion: (Please identify which question you are suggesting an additional option for. Places must be located within Marion County.)