The Knoxville Raceway, located at the Marion County Fairgrounds, began as a track for horse racing.  The first automobile race was held in 1901.  Weekly races began in 1954.  

Today, the Knoxville Raceway is one of the premier sprint car racing facilities around the globe.  To learn more about the history, contact the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame & Museum at or 800.874.4488.  To purchase tickets, contact the Knoxville Raceway at or 641.842.5431.


Modern sprint cars are simple and packed full of power. Today, most sprint cars include a huge 5 foot square aluminum wing mounted atop the roll cage and a 2 foot by 3 foot wing above the front wheels. The top wing's location can be adjusted by means of a hydraulic "slider" which moves the aerodynamic center of pressure to compensate for changing track conditions.


After watching all the racing action, you might want to get into the fun yourself. Travel to Slideways, just north of Knoxville, to race some go-karts. It is great fun for all ages and the go-karts resemble sprint cars. This is also a great activity for guy's weekends or bachelor parties.

Weekly Races

There are weekly races mid-April to the end of September at the Knoxville Raceway on Saturday nights. It is a great opportunity for the whole family to come and enjoy racing excitement.


The Knoxville Raceway was named "Outstanding Facility of the Year" in 2018 by the Race Track Business Conference. The Knoxville Raceway is the first dirt track to receive this honor. Attending Nationals is a definite bucket list item if you are a racing fan. Locals enjoy the great food and merchandise at spots around the track. For a real treat, get a suite. The suites provide a great view and the are climate controlled. To check out ticket options, go to


In downtown Pleasantville, you will find a mural that honors legendary sprint car driver Earl Wagner. Earl was a local Pleasantville resident. While you are they, enjoy Smokey Row Coffee Shop and Checkerboard Restaurant which are both located near the mural.


If you enjoy history, plan a stop at the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame & Museum. The museum's collection is always changing and upstairs they have a theater, Hall of Fame and archives. Before you leave, make sure to check out the gift shop which has several great books on the history of racing.

English Creek Speedway

Located eight miles south of Knoxville, the English Creek Speedway is a sixth mile high bank clay over race track.