Best of Red Rock

The BEST OF RED ROCK contest takes place each year to honor those places, tastes and experiences our residents and visitors find amazing.  Voting is done on-line in each of 60 categories in addition to TOP 10 lists for dining, shopping, after 5 p.m. and events.  Below are some frequently asked questions:

Q:  Who can be included in the BEST OF RED ROCK categories?
A:  Businesses or attractions must be located in Marion County, Iowa.  Businesses and attractions are added to the ballot as suggested by email or from the previous year's ballot.  Entities that close are taken off the ballot.  To suggestion a entity for a category email  

Q:  Who determines the categories?
A:  The Marion County Development Commission (MCDC) determines categories each year.  The MCDC looks at how competitive each category was in the previous year, suggestions received from emails for new/different categories and requests from visitors for information.  To keep the ballot reasonable to complete, the MCDC limits the number of categories each year to between 50 to 60.  

Q:  When does the contest run?
A:  Each year the exact start date varies, but generally voting begins in April and ends November 1.

Q:  How many times can I vote?
A:  A person can vote once from each email address they have.  Individuals generating phony email addresses will have all votes removed.

Q:  When are the winners announced?
A:  Winners are announced at a special event held at the end of January or first part of February.  

Q:  Who are past winners? 
A:  Click below...
2017 Best of Red Rock Winners
2018 Best of Red Rock Winners
2019 Best of Red Rock Winners
2020 Best of Red Rock Winners